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Best Air purifier for better breath
Best Air purifier for better breath


Clair Cube Plus LaunchedJAN
Clair H LaunchedFEB


Opened a clean air café, Clair Place Coffee in Yang-jae, SeoulMAR
Clair Cube LaunchedAPR
Obtained order from Coplex in Switzerland
Offered Indonesia ACE Hardware
Selected Honkong Manings Redempion
Participated in Henkel Open Innovation Program, Germany
Clair Cube, won a Gold Award of Good Design KoreaNOV



JANClair B, successful crowdfunding on Makuake, Japan
MARClair S, successful crowdfunding on Indiegogo, USA
Clair S, successful crowdfunding on, China
APRClair S air purifier with Sound therapy function launched
Fridge Freshener Clair V launched
DECClair V, won the Good Design Award by Ministry of Trade,
Industry and Energy
Won the Grand Prize of Innovative export corp Award by Kotra
Recipient of Minister Prize of a Ministry of SMEs and Startups


FEBClair B, Successful crowdfunding on Wadiz, Korea
MARClair B, a portable air purifier launched
JULSelected as a global luxury daily product by Ministry of Trade,
Industry and Energy
AUGInvited to the IF Design Exhibition in Germany
Clair B, successful crowd funding on Indiegogo

Clair B, won a 2015 Good Design Award by Ministry of Trade,DEC
Industry and Energy
Clair B, successful crowdfunding on Kickstarter
(received 207% of fund goal).


Clair Ring LaunchedJAN
Clair Wind Launched
Clair Brand LaunchedJUN


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